The 15th Annual Me Time Retreat

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Throughout her extraordinary life as a entrepreneur in catering and event planning, she has given voice to hundreds of women and helped tell the story of the African-American woman’s experience in America, with all its many trials and triumphs. She is renowned for jumpstarting inspiration and action in those she coaches and mentors.

Chef Roshawn holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Tuskegee University and a Culinary Arts Certification from Atlanta Technical College. Eventful Memories is the first catering service established in the city of Riverdale, and has blazed a trail for many to follow, going on to be awarded the small business of the year award by the Clayton County Chamber of Commerce.

Roshawn is a seasoned entrepreneur, community leader, speaker, and president of Eventful Memories. Her journey is the story of determination, perseverance, focus, and strength. Not only is she a three-time business owner as a chef, event planner, and transformational speaker, she's a survivor. Growing past the loss of a child and the dissolution of her 20 year marriage, she has overcome every obstacle she's faced through finding her peace, determining her power and walking in her purpose.

Roshawn shares her life with inspiration, honesty, and transparency. She is on a mission to help you transform your life and claim your peace, power and purpose!

Roshawn believes in two core principles: All things are possible to them that believe, and to thy own self be true.

Truly understanding these principles will help you go beyond motivation and inspire you to transform your mindset and realize that God wants what's best for you!

Roshawn wants to help you get there with "real talk" and real solutions

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"There’s power in allowing yourself to be known and heard, in owning your unique story, in using your authentic voice. And there’s grace in being willing to know and hear others.”

Michelle Obama, Former First Lady of the United States

Young, Gifted, & Black (Black History Month)

Speaking Topics

Achieve Peace: Live Life After Loss

Discovering the true essence of who you are. Learn how to push through the pain into your purpose.

Find Power: Win From Within

Build a blueprint to win from within. Learn actionable strategies for self care, setting boundaries, and success in business, relationships, and finances.

Understand Your Purpose: Protect Your Legacy

Focus on your purpose and map a path to achieving your financial dreams. Learn financial and estate planning to build, maintain, and stregthen your legacy for generations


Ruby Meritt

My daughter frequently spoke of Roshawn Walker and activities they shared in church together.
I eventually met Roshawn when I decided to go on a Me Time Retreat that she sponsored. After settling in the bus she prayed a fervent prayer. This happened every time we departed. I went on many retreats . Lord she could pray; like my MaMa. It was delightful to be with women that loved and respected each other. Roshawn met no strangers and loved on everyone. It was like family being with Ro. She lovingly began calling me Ma Ruby. Most of the ladies still call me that. Ro was like a kind gentle Mom teaching; even though she was also like my daughter. She loved me I knew it and felt it all the time. Even though I was the senior she never left me out.

Speaking of her 3 children just adorable and awesome much like their Mom. Knowing the Lord and living life loving God and man. Each have gifts they share. They are impressive young adults.

Ro has the strangest faith I have ever seen. She believes God answers prayers and I've witnessed it on many occasions. It would be magical. She would pray for her financial need, job etc and almost immediately it would appear one way or another. She has big faith. I joined the Early Riser Group that pray each M - F at 5:00 am. I so enjoyed my Sisters year after year. The prayers of the righteous availeth much. I was uncomfortable praying and had a fear of praying. Once she called on me to pray on the bus when we were starting a trip. I could not say no. I prayed a short prayer but fear came upon me fast. I soon got over my fear because Ro told me just to talk to Him. That's what I do. I always get asked to pray in church and meetings. I never hesitate. Coming out of a restaurant on a Sunday with some other members a disheveled man asked for prayer. Everyone kept walking but I had to stop and pray. I asked if he was hunger I would take him back in and pay for his food. He accepted food from McDonalds because he said the other would cost me too much. Chef Walker will feed anyone. An excellent cook. She feeds the elderly, sick, bedridden and those in hospice. You never have to ask. She calls and shows up with several tasty meals. She is a blessing to many and I'm one she has fed when I was sick and well. Roshawn Walker is a true woman of God leading by example. She is kingdom building. She changed my views on prayer.

Kim Claude

Roshawn Walker is absolutely a phenomenal woman who stewards well over her “gifts”. Motivational Speaking is one one of them. She is diligent, committed, consistent, and does all things with excellence. Her boldness is an unspoken and unapologetic characteristic of self care. It is with this same boldness that her motivational methodology requires you to the navigate the familiar places of difficulty. Without judgement Roshawn challenges you to verbalize and vocalize your past insecurities and inconsistencies, as well as your present needs and vulnerabilities. It doesn’t matter if it is her 5am prayer call, Thursday prayer at noon or one of her motivational messages at an event, Roshawn Walker pushes you to your Greater!